Alex + Brian


“I have known Cassandra for a very long time. Long enough that I remember when she got her first fancy camera back in grade school and we would take photos of her dog dressed up. Arts and Photography have been a passion for Cassandra since childhood, when choosing which highschool she wanted to attend the one that offered photography (and hockey) beat out the others. That passion shines through to this day in every project she takes on. 

When Cassandra attended Sheridan she often used me as a subject in front of the camera. As someone who never used to feel comfortable in front of the camera, Cassandra had a way of putting me at ease and helping me pose even when taking on more obscure / artsy projects. Modelling for Cassandra in the cold weather or even powdered milk filled kiddie pools was a blast and the results turned out amazing in those college days. 

Although she is flexible and can adapt to whatever project you may have in mind, Cassandra has found her niche in couple photography, really thriving in capturing clients in natural elements. She has taken on personal projects for me such as family portraits, multiple couple shoot with my boyfriend, and shooting my brothers celebration of marriage party. With each of these projects everyone involved was beyond satisfied. She has a way of capturing happiness in couples and families so naturally.

As a client and as a friend of Cassandra, I can guarantee she is the photographer of dreams. She truly is one of the most radiant people, and it will show both in her interactions with you, and in the photographs she produces.”

- Alex & Brian

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Cassandra Tatarnic