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Hi I’m Cassandra

I’m the gal behind the camera! Want to know more about me? The story is short and sweet, I adore photography, adventuring, and most importantly - the connection between two people! What’s better than connecting with amazing people who are happily in love anyway! I get to work with the most joyful, rad humans. You folks have provided me with the wonderful opportunity to be my adventurous, creative, hardworking, and friendly self. Now I want to do my best to provide you with an incredible experience with nothing but good laughs and lots of love.

Wildhearts weddings aren’t just plain weddings, they are wed-ventures!

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? This is it - it’s your special day. You found the love of your life and that is truly so exciting! The connections between two people are incredible and I want to be there to document every moment of it! I’ll be there to guide you through these photos step-by-step but the most important thing is that you are yourself! You do you; show off your wonderful and wild personality. Have some fun, and be passionately in love - that’s it, that’s all. Easy peasy. Now let’s take a walk on the wild side!

Sending love,



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