Good Ol' Rustic & Hearty Engagement


Kalyna and Corey were nothing short of amazing! Their lively and passionate personalities certainly brought the session some magic. These two were all around so much fun! The session started off with a “Big Bang” quite literally, as the brand of their champaign exclaimed. We began in a forested location at Balls Falls Conservation Area and set up a little picnic spot to get settled at. Candid photos, engagement ring photos, and smiling faces were the focus here. Then we trekked down to a stream to make the most of this stunning location, sat on the rocks, and enjoyed the beautiful view!

Both Kalyna and Corey came well prepared with multiple wonderful outfits. We had some fun and encompassed their love for baseball and basketball with Toronto Raptors jerseys and Toronto Blue Jays baseball caps. I absolutely adore that the two of them came so well prepared to this photoshoot! Looking back at these images I believe that we all worked together to portray who they are as a couple and show off their amazing personalties.

From here, we moved on to do our best to embrace the spring blooms at Balls Falls. Spring is truly such a beautiful time of the year for photo sessions and we really wanted to bring this to life. We found a tree with some pretty blooming flowers and set up camp right underneath a branch for some good ol’ hearty photos.

Of course, an engagement session at Balls Falls wouldn’t be complete without taking advantage of their gorgeous historical rustic cabins and barns. We began setting up to capture this area of the park and to our surprise we noticed a film crew. We just happened to be at the right place at the right time for Corey. The film crew was working on a new episode for a Star Trek series called New Eden. Corey, who happened to be a fan, was quite pleased with this encounter so of course we had to capture this moment as well!

To say the least, Kalyna and Corey are such an amazing couple and I honestly had so much fun photographing their engagement and wedding! I am looking forward to being there to capture many more memories for them in the future! Enjoy!