Why I Love Photography


It may be cliché to say but ever since I can remember I’ve been interested in the arts, whether it was with a paint brush or camera in my hand. I took more of an interest in photography during high school by enrolling in any and every art class available. I never considered it as a career choice until I sat down for an orientation with an art school and saw all the opportunity it provided. I decided to take a chance and pursue what I love.

Now I’ve earned my Honours Bachelor of Photography Degree from Sheridan College and my love for photography has grown even more. I had always played with the idea of being a photographer for a magazine and venturing off somewhere in the great outdoors with assignments. I just couldn’t see this dream being a realistic route for me. One of my professors throughout my college career suggested I try weddings and merge my love for adventures to focus on outdoorsy weddings. Months after graduation, I fell in love with this idea, and again decided to take a chance and pursue what I love.

I grew up taking part in traditional family camping trips every summer. Throughout school my love for photography and the outdoors grew tremendously. I really zoned in on documentary and lifestyle outdoor photography. I took trips up to Algonquin Provincial Park nearly every weekend during my last year of college. Then I expanded my adventures and traveled to many more provincial parks and began traveling out of Ontario as well. With that being said, I truly found myself and what I appreciate so much about both photography and the great outdoors. I realized it’s the moments and the lifestyle that I was head over heals in love with. I remember expressing how much I love photographing in wild environments because it’s simply never the same thing - it’s ever changing. No matter how many times I travel to a provincial or national park it is always a unique experience. That’s what I love so much. The authentic moments and their stories stand out to me.

With wedding and lifestyle photography I aim to take the same approach and focus on documenting authentic moments, feelings, and stories. I merged this area of photography with my love for the outdoors. Now, it’s not only the human connection to the outdoors that inspires me, it’s also the human connection to one another. Specifically the connections that two people deeply in love have with one another.

Couples, your love for one another literally inspires me. You heard that right, you’re an inspiration!

I love..love; crazy, wild, romantic, adventurous love and all the moments of a human relationship! I am obsessed photography because it provides the opportunity to document these wonderful moments into keepsakes in time. After all, one moment never happens the same way twice. As Marc Riboud said “Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”