Cozy Cabin Vibes


Cabin in the 905 is a wonderful little Airbnb located in the heart of the Niagara Region. The purpose of this themed event was to get nothing but the very best cozy cabin vibes and build my relationships with more local fun-loving couples with the same interests as me. I am a sucker for a good cabin in the woods and then I came across this cabin in the city and fell in love. It was perfect, right in the middle of the city I am based out of - how could it get any better? The sessions were targeted towards young couples, with of course the exception of one small family. It was for loved ones to get festive in a cute little setting when the weather was on the verge of becoming very chilly. These sessions were held November 16th - 18th, 2018. It was a Christmas special since December was around the corner and what better way to get festive than with a cozy little cabin and with your favourite human by your side. It was great for adventurous souls who are as in love with cabins as I am. It provided photos that seemed as though they were captured from a cabin far up north! I strongly urge you to check out this wonderful Cabin in the 905 and book a little weekend getaway, you won’t regret it! I will be hosting more themed sessions like this in the future so please do keep in touch! Scroll down to catch a glimpse of what it was like to be photographed at this wonderful cabin!

Alex + Brian

Alex + Brian

Alex + Brian were the first of the weekend. We kicked the session off with lots of laughter (as per usual) these two are actually really good friends of mine so it was a great way to start out. We tested the tiny space for several different cute poses. I had brought out a handful of different props in order to capture some genuine candid moments. Props are such a great tool to get your subjects interacting as a team and connecting with each other. These are usually the moments that bring out the best images and Alex + Brain killed it! They are such wonderful subjects, very bubbly, and fun people. The poses came natural to them and I was just there to capture their wild, goofy selves!

The Pritchard Family    click to see full gallery

The Pritchard Family

click to see full gallery

The Pritchard Family was the first on the schedule for Saturday. They were the only small family of the bunch which worked perfectly in such a tiny space. This one was a little more of a challenge for me due to the space restrictions but it ended up working to my advantage. Having the family close together in the photos made for some very cute, fun-loving moments. Their little girl was full of personality which lead to some great candid moments from the parents. Once again, getting your subjects to interact with one another is such a wonderful way to capture those authentic times. When working with families such as this one I usually let the children take the lead throughout the session by going with the flow on their spontaneous thoughts. It brings up a ton of fun photo ideas!

Gab + Scott

Gab + Scott

Gab + Scott were the second session of Saturday. They had an hour session so we were able to try a ton of new ideas, including going up to the bedroom loft, which if you’ve ever been here you may know this is a tiny bit of a challenge. What I am trying to say here is the behind-the-scenes of capturing the loft photos was quite funny due to the low ceilings and very tiny space. I definitely had to do a few creative yoga poses to get some of those photos but it was worth the struggle. I wanted to make use out of all the spaces I could in this stunning tiny home! The natural light in the bedroom was all that was needed for those photos. It created a wonderful back-lit airy scene and paired well the wooden backdrop that was used in many of the photos downstairs. These two did fantastic; they are such a sweet, and bubbly couple. It’s easy to capture photos when your subjects are all lovey-dovey, so yes I encourage this behaviour! Be your wild, crazy, in-love selves when you come out for your photoshoot and what ever you do, do not hold back, let that personality of yours shine through!

Faith + Jason were the last session of Saturday and I gotta say, they did so amazing! It was such a great session to finish off the day with. Their outgoing, and laid-back personalities were extremely easy to work with. I had them interacting a lot with each other because they seemed to bring out the best in one another! I was able to play a little more with different compositions throughout this shoot since I was familiar with the space by now. It was fun to shoot around corners, from a higher angle, and to play with lighting and colour a little more! It was Faith + Jason’s first time in front of my camera but they took to direction very well and by the end I think Vogue would have offered to sign them as models, haha! It all seriousness, it definitely does take subjects a few minutes to warm up to the camera. It is safe to use the first 10 minutes of the session as a warm up round, get them talking, make sure they’re laughing and bonding, and by then end of the session you’ll leave your clients very happy little love birds!

Macy + Reed were my last of this weekend of themed cabin sessions. Macy is actually another local photographer so of course they were both familiar to being around a camera. They were very easy to work with due to their comfort level! They just ended up being themselves and were able to let their personalities shine through. Macy + Reed did fantastic, were easy to pose, and overall just an extremely friendly pair! It was a fantastic way to wrap of the weekend of themed cabin sessions and create a bunch of new connections and friendships within my own community!


Concluding thoughts…

The themed sessions at Cabin in the 905 turned out wonderfully! Everyone was such a pleasure to work with and the cabin was such an incredible environment to be able to hold these sessions in. It was a weekend that will go down in the books! I will definitely consider doing more themed sessions just like this one since it was right up my alley style-wise. Cabins are my favourite structure and anytime I can implement a northern, rustic, and wild element into my photographs I WILL! So stoked, stay tuned for more themed sessions in the future!