A Style Guide For Your Best Photoshoot

Tips for what to wear in each season of your photo session


A winter wonderland! I am a good sport in any season so I am always stoked to be able to photograph you two love birds even if the weather is chilly! With a good snowfall, winter can create some beautiful backdrops for photos.

If you’re curious on what to wear during a winter session, wearing layers is a great way to stay nice and toasty in the great outdoors. You can still look cute while being cozy! Bring out your most fashionable jacket, sweater, and jeans.

Tip number 1 is to layer!

Layer underneath with warm base layers such as:

  • leggings/thermal pants/long johns

  • long sleeve shirt

  • anything fleece will keep you very toasty!

  • wool is another great insulator - to be exact merino wool is the best! I could write an entire separate blog post on how amazing merino wool is guys…seriously it’s amazing

  • ONE pair of warm wool socks. It’s important not to cut off circulation, no one wants cold toes!

Tip number two is to embrace it!

Of course there’s nothing wrong with dressing cozy! Sometimes it’s good to embrace the elements! Don’t be afraid to cozy up folks, snuggle up in your favourite knitted hat, scarf, and gloves. Knit hats, scarfs, and mitts are not only great at keeping all your body heat in, they look cute and stylish too. Embrace the coziness of winter! Let’s have the sparks fly with your love!

Tip number three is to brave it!

Let’s say you want to show off that cute outfit under your jacket. That’s totally okay, just make sure you bring a warm jacket and even a blanket in between photos to warm up!

a few more options...

To have one last option for winter sessions. Outdoor photoshoots in a beautiful white landscape work perfectly but don’t hesitate on those cozy in-home sessions. In-home sessions some of the most intimate, honest, and authentic photo sessions out there. If you’d like the best of both worlds there is always the option to do half of the session inside, then the other half of the session in the great outdoors to take in some beautiful scenery.


Blossoming flowers, blooming orchards, warmer weather and the start of longer days, oh my! This is a great season for engagement photos, in fact, one of the more popular seasons for it! After a long winter, the best way to celebrate the arrival of the new season is with your partner and some romantic photos to cherish. April is still usually quite chilly so I recommend mid to late May for the best spring photos.

If your curious on what to wear for a spring session, keep your eyes pealed on the trends! Since it’s the first glimpse of warmer weather we’ve had, most couples will be eager to whip out their favourite semi-formal outfits. It doesn’t hurt to stick to the trends of the season and embrace those floral prints, and pastel colour palettes. Choosing colours that match with the environment is a fantastic route to take! This brings me to my top three tips for choosing the best outfit(s) for your spring session…

tip number one is to dress semi-formal!

Spring is finally here, yay! I’m sure you’ve been eyeing a few outfits in your closet since you stored them away for the winter. Pull those stylish clothes out of your closet and show them off for this photo session. Can’t decide between two? Bring them both! With my hour long sessions we have enough time for two or maybe even three outfits. Let’s embrace the start of warmer weather with some favourites from your wardrobe! Ladies, this often means giving some loving to your long and flowly garments as they’ll work perfectly for photos. Picture this. You’re standing in beautiful scenery with the warmth of the sun beating down you, birds chirping, flowers blooming, and your fashionable dress flowing in the wind. Let’s do it! Guys, this means matching with your lady and staying simple and chic. Dark wash jeans, with a button up shirt with be just wonderful!

tip number two is to choose floral prints & pastel colours!

What comes to mind when you think of spring fashion? Embracing those spring elements such as blooming flowers and their pastel colours! Floral prints mixed with light colours work so well with spring photo sessions. Check out this colour palette I put together for you all as an example…

example pallet
tip number three is to have some fun with it & bring props!

Bring some props and accessorize, go all-out for your photo session! I recommend props and accessories such as fashionable sun hats, flowers, flower crowns, picnic baskets & blankets, wine, champagne, anything that adds to the spring theme or rejoices in a celebration. After all, we’re here to have a good time folks!

What to avoid? Great question - avoid baseball caps that hide your eyes, and anything with logos or text front and centre as it will take away from that main subject which is YOU! These photos are meant to embrace you and your love so you can cherish them forever.


The sun is shinning, the birds are chirping, and we are now in the main wedding season! This is everyone’s favourite season for photos, you don’t have to worry about wearing layers and you can stay out well past 5:00pm in the daylight. With daylight lasting it’s longest here in this season it’s one of the best to plan your photo session in!

If you’d like some tips on what to wear for your summer session it revolves around what time of day it takes place. Depending on when exactly in the summer your session is, you could see major temperature differences from the morning, the afternoon, and all the way to the evening. Follow along to find out what some good clothing options are!

tips number one is for those summer mornings!

Early summer morning sessions are stunning. Dawn creates such beautiful soft light, it is truly a gorgeous time for a photo session. Although morning sessions are really quite early, you will be well rewarded with the view of the sunrise. These sessions are incredible with a little hike to a lookout point to enjoy the sunrise. With that being said, morning sessions are often more easy going so neutrals and causal clothing will be a perfect pair for our early morning session.

tip number two is for those summer afternoons!

Sunny summer afternoons. The light can be quite harsh in those sunny summer afternoons so we’ll most likely be hiding in a forest with shade for these sessions. This means lots of greenery, and more often than not a hike will be involved. With that in mind I encourage to either wear or bring proper footwear along with you so you are nice and comfy. As for the clothing, for the ladies skirts and blouses make for a great combination. For the guys, outfits that match your lady are key. Shorts with a button up t-shirt, or a plain t-shirt will be perfect for our photo session.

tip number three is for those summer evenings!

Ahhh, relaxing summer sunsets. Nothing beats a sunset session followed by some twilight fun, while dancing in the moonlight. For this session I recommend your best evening date night attire. Long summer dress’s and shorts or jeans with a button up t-shirt will work perfectly. Be prepared for photos with plenty of movement so make sure your outfit allows you to run, and dance. Ladies, outfits that flow in the breeze always will work towards your advantage for photos! Often for sunset sessions I’ll go with a location in an open field or at a beach so feel free to match with the colours of the environment. For shoes, sandals or dress shoes work just wonderful. If we are at a beach, don’t even worry about shoes, I will most likely have you take those off to embrace the sand in your toes!


Crisp air, golden forests, and sweater weather! Fall is personally my favourite season, nothing competes with the colours of autumn. This is a wonderful time to get out for some engagement photos or celebrate your wedding day in. If you want the perfect golden forest backdrop for your photos I recommend sometime during mid to late October.

If you’d like to know what to wear for the perfect fall session, anything that embraces the crisp weather will do just fine. Fall is all about those big cozy sweaters and warm, rich colour tones! Let’s bundle up for this session and take a walk in a golden forest.

tip number one is to embrace the sweater weather!

Fall is here! This means breaking out all your best cozy sweaters, knitted hats and scarfs, and boots. Bundle up and show off your cute and cozy outfit. Clothing for fall photo sessions are more often causal than anything super formal. However if you’ve got a semi-formal outfit that you’ve been wanting to get one more wear out of before the winter, feel free to show it off during our session. Ladies if you’re interested in the semi-formal outfit option but it’s a little too chilly, keep in mind that you can always layer a turtleneck sweater underneath your dress, or leggings and long socks with boots. The options for layering in this cozy season are endless!

tip number two is to wear warm tones!

What comes to mind when you think of fall fashion? Embracing those autumn elements such as golden forests, and festive holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween! Warm, rich tones that match the environment work so well with fall photo sessions. Check out this colour palette I put together for you all as an example…

tip number three is to get cozy & snuggly!

Now more than ever it’s the season to snuggle up to your loved ones so prepare for lots and lots of cuddles. This often works out great with some props to assist the cuddles such as a blanket to share, warm drinks to bond over, or a campfire to get toasty next to.

a few more options...

To have one last option for fall sessions. Much like winter sessions, fall sessions work great both inside or outside. I always try to get you outside for the session to embrace the beautiful colours but if you’d like to welcome the approach of this cozy season, in-home sessions around a fire work incredible too! If you’re interested in an in-home session for fall I definitely recommend splitting our session up into two sections so that half of the session is inside and the other half is outside.

and that’s a wrap

There you have it folks, a style guide for your best photoshoot. Finding the best “picture perfect” outfit can be a challenge sometimes. I hope this guide helps when you find yourself stuck on what to wear for your upcoming photo session. I’ve outlined all the possible tips and ticks I could think of, however if you have any questions don’t be afraid to reach out. Happy outfit choosing!

Warmest wishes!