My Vision

 Wildhearts Studio specializes in wedding and lifestyle photography with an adventurous take for those of us with wild hearts. I am based out of the Niagara Region, and am available for travel and destination weddings.

In it’s simplest form; I love the outdoors. I grew up in a family that cherished camping trips and still continues to treat those trips like gold. With that being said, I fall in love with getting out and exploring with others. In my work I admire using natural frames outdoors; making use of raw, and organic elements. No matter where I go or what I photograph, I find myself constantly striving to document moments to tell a story. You can really get creative with storytelling and in the end, nothing beats getting creative with a session, so lets have some fun with this. My job is to be a visual story teller so I like to hear how my subjects met and all the little details about you two.

Wildhearts Studio encourages a connection with nature, it is an important piece of the bigger picture… which may lead you to embrace the elements leaving with a muddy pair of shoes and some messy wind blown hair… but hey, it’s worth it for the adventures, and a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get the best shot for ya!

Together we can do some exploring while admiring the beauty our photoshoot locations have to offer and connecting to each other. I would like my clients to leave as friends after a session so don't be afraid to let loose and have your personality shine though! Authenticity is the name of the game, and Wildhearts Studio wants to represent you for who you truly are.  Lets take a walk on the wild side and create art through your everlasting love!



My Services



Wildhearts Studio specializes in wedding photography. I love to capture sweet moments and stories especially on your big day! As for packaging and pricing there are a few options. I  have second shooters who are available to lend a hand if you'd like extra photos and angles. Typically I will stay the entire day from start to finish unless you'd like a cheaper route and just a few hours of coverage but I believe its best to stay all day and get all the action so we don't miss out on any memories. 


Elopements are getting to be quite the popular route for marriage. It is cost-efficient and often in the spur-of-the-moment. It is truly authentic and intimate. The thought of running off and getting married spontaneously is very romantic and I would love to be apart of this great adventure with you. 


Congratulations - If you chose Wildhearts Studio as your wedding photographer you will receive a complimentary engagement session as apart of your package! If not I would of course still be more than happy to photograph you love birds and celebrate this moment. Sessions range from one hour to two hours, the choice is yours for which duration you'd like to go with. 


This has to be one of my personal favourites to be apart of! I love seeing these precious moments that hold such deep meaning. I will do just about anything to capture this authentically for the two of you to cherish forever. 


I have always said the couples are the happiest people and your love is too sweet and pure not to bring a smile to my face. This is most definitely a feel good session where you two can showcase your passion for each other. Sessions range from thirty minutes, one hour, or two hours - the choice is yours for which option you'd like to go with!


Celebrating life, love, and all wonders! The human body is incredible and this is something you will want to remember and hold close to your heart forever. These intimate sessions can range from thirty minutes, one hour, or two hours, the choice is yours.


A family bond is one of the strongest bonds out there. Lets get together for a family session where you all can be your amazing, crazy, beautiful selves! AND if you have a family dog they are more than welcome to come out, they just might steal the show because I am a huge animal lover. Sessions range from thirty minutes, one hour, or two hours.

Newborn // Kids

Growth in your children has always been something to document and cherish as some would say "they grow up too fast" so lets embrace these moments and hold these memories in photos. Sessions range from thirty minutes, to one hour long.


Creating + capturing moments with good friends are some of the most fun sessions. To be able to connect with clients through these authentic moments is incredibly uplifting. It is so much fun to let go and truly be yourself with no worries + let your personality shine through. You all are so beautiful! Sessions range from thirty minutes, to one hour long.


Whether it’s for work or for fun portraits can be used in a number of different ways. I have captured everything from business head shots to ‘feel-good’ or ‘transformation’ images during my portrait sessions. Just make sure when you’re filling out the form on my contact page to specify the look you are after. I am always up for the task so I cannot wait to hear about it. Sessions range from thirty minutes, to one hour long.


Wildhearts Studio is always up for something new - if you have a request for an option that is not on here please do not hesitate to get in touch with me and send me your idea proposal. I love to document stories so I am always excited to hear what you have in mind!

Get in touch

You can get in touch with me by filling out the form on my contact page or emailing me directly at hello.wildheartsstudio@gmail.com

o sweet adventurer,
please last forever
and keep my heart wild too.
— AVA.

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